getting our insurance company organized with policy works

Standardized data makes issuing certificates and renewals easy.

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The ‘no pain’ way to create certificates.

Issuing certificates can be a pain-staking job. But not with Policy Works. Policy Works captures all of the relevant risk and client data, including: client, brokerage, holder, additional insured, notice and general, the effective and expiry dates of the policy, as well as limits and deductibles.

When you have all that electronic data at your fingertips - instead of having to enter it manually - you can do so much more. You can print multiple certificates at once; duplicate certificates with one-click for quick and easy changes; add policies to a certificate of insurance; add an authorized digitized signature; and add more than one additional insured… all quickly and easily.


“On a day to day service level, I would say that the ability to issue certificates of insurance from Policy Works is phenomenal, especially for accounts where they may have to issue 50-60 certificates. We take these things for granted because they are so easy to do now; it really is just the push of a button.”

Cindy Gravelle, Vice President of Commercial lines with Youngs Insurance

Issuing a renewal with Policy Works takes minutes, not hours.

The Policy Works renewal process is fast and easy - even if you have to update policy information from the previous year. With a few clicks, you’ll have a professional renewal policy ready to give your client.

The key is that once the policy data is entered into the system, your staff don't have to re-enter it again or even copy and paste it. The data carries over year-to-year. Your staff can confidently update the client's risk information, and renew the policy with ease, leaving your staff with more time to focus on revenue generating opportunities.