Policy Works releases cloud-based analytics for commercial lines


Accessing commercial lines analytics has been a challenge for insurance brokers. Until now. Policy Works introduces the first out-of-the-box suite of commercial lines analytics that incorporates policy and workflow data.

Here is a short video highlighting Analytics in Policy Works:


"For years our customers have been capturing rich commercial lines data in Policy Works," states Steve Pieroway, VP Marketing & Sales. "With our analytics product, principals and managers have the ability to analyze their book of business from a variety of perspectives."

The analytics suite of visuals provides brokers with an in-depth book of business analysis, various ways to analyze their relationships with insurer partners, and insights into activity-level performance like producer close rates and certificates issued.

"It really is the combination of policy and workflow data that gives Policy Works brokers such a rich data set to analyze," states Susanna Fraser-Kuipers, Director of Partner Services. "What is really exciting is that there is no building or pre-configuring required. Brokers can start using analytics immediately."

The Analytics module is available as part of the newest release of Policy Works, v2019.2. For more information, visit www.policyworks.com/analytics

Analytics for principals

Commercially focused brokers need to know what's happening with their book. We've developed an analytics eBook roadmap to help.

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