Policy Works ensures your submissions and proposals are the best they can be.

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Create submissions that get
quoted on first.

commercial insurance proposals and schedules made easy
Policy Works submissions are standardized to include every bit of critical information underwriters need to quote a risk. From underwriting details, to location details, to risk information. Submissions can also include recommended coverages in property, crime and liability; including pictures of the risk, from buildings to contents.

Generate proposals that help you win more business.

Create clean, consistent proposals that make it easy for your producers to explain the details of the coverages to a prospect.


“The Policy Works proposal helps sell the business because it is so professionally done and is in a nice, easy-to-read format.”

Mike Saunders, President of Saunders Insurance Ltd.

Reduce costly mistakes with standardized data across marketing and policy lifecycles.

The importance of standardized data cannot be exaggerated. From the moment new data is entered into Policy Works, it is able to flow within the system for new business activities, like creating submissions, proposals and binders and to the in-force cycle activities like renewals and certificates.

More importantly, standardized data ensures things are said correctly and accurately across all of your staff. Standardized data removes the need to 'guess' at what description should be used.