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Successfully writing Lloyd’s business means more commission for you.

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Maximize your profit on Lloyd’s contracts.

You’ve already turned your success as a broker into an opportunity to write for Lloyd’s. Now it’s time to make sure you’re getting as much commission as possible out of that business. That’s where Policy Works comes in.

Policy Works Lloyd’s Issuance capabilities give your staff the tools they need to quickly and confidently issue Lloyd’s policies. The key to maximizing your commission is to issue policies efficiently and correctly while minimizing the time spent on each contract.

You’ll be able to service more clients. Plus, because Policy Works is helping your team handle all the intricate details properly and quickly, you’ll be in a great position to add more targeted lines of business to your portfolio.


Being a Lloyd’s coverholder is a unique opportunity that requires being as efficient as possible throughout the entire process. That is why we put our trust in Policy Works. We know their industry leading expertise with the AEGIS environment will ensure the swift success of our coverholders.

Nazir Haji, SVP Business Development, AEGIS London

Can Policy Works template packages?

Yes. Once you build a policy for a specific line of business, you can clone or ‘template’ this to be used again and again. Wordings, coverages and service-level documents can all be pre-set so your staff can focus on underwriting — not document creation.

Can we use our own wordings?

Absolutely. Policy Works comes pre-configured with a suite of common wordings but you can always add or replace wordings to fit your business needs.

Isn’t Policy Works expensive?

The truth is, we used to have a high up-front cost but we’ve changed that. In fact, we’ve changed our pricing model entirely. We’ve lowered the up-front fees and created a module based system so you only pay for what’s right for your business. If you want a more detailed picture of pricing, visit our pricing page.

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