Your commercial lines team will have more time. To write more business. To become more profitable.

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Policy Works helps your commercial lines producers sell more.

Commercial lines are a growing source of revenue and profit for a lot of brokerages. But if your staff don’t have the right tools in place, you may not be maximizing your opportunities in this important area.

Policy Works is commercial management software that will strengthen your commercial lines team. Your team will be able to generate submissions faster, get more competitive quotes and create proposals that win more business.


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Since we began using Policy Works, we have had substantial growth in our commercial book, with a 24 per cent growth in the last 2 years alone. A lot of the credit has to go to Policy Works.

Darin Oakford, General Manager, C.J. Campbell Insurance

Isn’t Policy Works expensive?

The truth is, we used to have a high up front cost but we’ve changed that. In fact, we’ve changed our pricing model entirely. We’ve lowered the up front fees. And created a module based system so you only pay for what’s right for your business. If you want a more detailed picture of pricing, visit our pricing page.

Why do I need Policy Works when I already have a BMS?

Broker Management Systems (BMS) are not designed to capture the breadth and depth of commercial lines data that Policy Works does. Once you have commercial management system like Policy Works in place, you’ll see the benefits of a comprehensive database solution for generating policies, renewals, and so on quickly and easily.

Would my producers need to learn it?

It depends. If your producers are currently required to manage all aspects of their book of business, then yes. And that’s a good thing because Policy Works is designed to track sales opportunities,keep good records and easily produce documents that prospects and customers want…which aren’t always producers favourite things to do. Find out how Policy Works helps producers.

Policy Works reduces your brokerage’s exposure to E/O situations.

Our software forces each of your commercial staff to do things the same way, every time. Why is that important? Because when staff have their own methods for processing new business, or managing in-force policies, things are inefficient, costing you money. And even worse, non-standardized processes expose your brokerage to unnecessary E&O situations.

Designed by brokers, Policy Works automates and standardizes the entire commercial lines workflow. From marketing to renewing, your CSRs, marketers and producers consistently follow the Policy Works workflow to capture standardized data.

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