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Your commercial lines team isn’t inefficient. Your tools are.

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Policy Works lets you complete your commercial lines tasks faster. And more accurately.

That’s right. When you move to Policy Works, you’ll start to see improvements in efficiency and accuracy almost immediately. From submissions being quoted faster. To certificates being created easier. To less back-and-forth on everything. Everyone from your CSRs-to-Marketers-to-Producers will see a marked improvement in their efficiency due to the standardized workflows and ability to use consistent data to generate multiple documents.


Policy Works is the most functional and complete tool for commercial lines compared to anything else I have seen on the market. It is simple, effective and easy to use. Our staff tell us they prefer using it.

Gillian Van Kempen, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Best Buy Insurance

Policy Works integrates with your existing broker management system.

We integrate with BMS systems like Applied Systems TAM and Epic, sigXP, Power Broker, ISI+ and Groupe Ultima’s UG2, to ensure that your staff have an end-to-end system. Where your current BMS is strong for personal lines, Policy Works focuses solely on commercial lines functionality like creating submissions, proposals, and certificates of insurance. Our continual goal is to create a streamlined workflow that allows your staff to begin in your BMS, work in Policy Works, and then go back to your BMS.


Create a system that’s right for your commercial lines department.

Policy Works is a modular commercial management software solution that allows you to decide what you need, and what you don’t, as you prioritize how you want to grow your commercial lines book. Once you have Policy Works in place, you have the ability to further customize templates for your brokerage; ensuring you have the right software and the right tools for your brokerage to succeed.


How much does Policy Works cost?

The truth is, we used to have a high upfront cost but we’ve changed that. In fact, we’ve changed our pricing model entirely. We’ve lowered the upfront fees and created a module based system. You only pay for what’s necessary for your business. If you want a more detailed picture of pricing, visit our pricing page.

Why do I need Policy Works when I already have a BMS?

Broker Management Systems (BMS) are not designed to capture the breadth and depth of commercial lines data that Policy Works does. Once you have Policy Works in place, you’ll see the benefits of a comprehensive database solution for generating submissions, proposals, renewals and certificates quickly and easily.

Will switching over to Policy Works swamp my team with paperwork?

No. After working with hundreds of commercial lines departments, we know how to deliver a great implementation and respect a team's ability to transition effectively. And you’ll see the benefits of a streamlined workflow almost immediately.

Our software allows each of your commercial staff to do things the same way, every time.

Designed by brokers, Policy Works automates and standardizes the entire commercial lines workflow. From marketing to renewing, your CSRs, marketers and producers consistently follow the Policy Works workflow to capture standardized data. This means nothing is missed, and your staff are as efficient and consistent as possible. Why is that important? Because when staff have their own methods for processing new business, or managing in-force policies, things are inefficient and, more importantly, non-standardized processes expose your brokerage to unnecessary E&O situations.

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