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Over 400 brokerages have successfully implemented Policy Works already.

With Policy Works, you get more than software. You get a proven plan for successfully implementing new software into your brokerage. A plan based on what we’ve seen work in brokerages of all sizes all across Canada. A plan that ensures your team’s transition goes as smoothly as possible. And that everyone can start seeing the benefits of Policy Works as soon as possible.

On-demand training gets your team up to speed.

We’ve developed a modular training process that takes your team through how to navigate the software, how to create and manipulate marketing and in-force policy lifecycles, and then progresses to more advanced tasks. Once you’ve selected your brokerage’s modules, you can go into the Training Academy to purchase the training relevant to your business. You’ll also find free webinars your team can access on demand with their Policy Works login information.


I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for providing on-demand training. I wish all companies offered training in this fashion.

Vecas Griffiths Jr., Schwartz Reliance

Ongoing support makes sure Policy Works keeps your team productive.

Whether by email, phone, on our support site, our support team helps users solve their problems and get back to work - quickly. In addition to phone support and email support, Policy Works offers a 24/7 online support tool covering a large range of topics:

  • Searchable Self-Help Knowledge Base
  • Training Videos and Articles
  • Workflow suggestions and Best Practises tips
  • Technical download links and troubleshooting
  • Free ‘What’s New’ webinars around every major Policy Works release