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Reporting with Lineage made easy.

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Keep your syndicate happy as well as your staff.

Lloyd's Coverholder Reporting Standards are very complex and require incredible attention to detail. Reporting is a necessary part of your Lloyd’s business, but without the right system in place, it can require countless hours of re-typing information—wasting both time and money.

With Policy Works, reporting to Lineage is completely automated. Your staff can upload your files directly into the system without hours of data entry or the mistakes that manual data entry can generate.

Stress-free monthly and year-end reporting.

When all your data is in Policy Works, you can do more than just issue legally binding policies instantly. You can make the headaches and stress of month-end and year-end reporting almost completely disappear from your brokerage.

When your staff isn’t busy copying and pasting data or manually reentering it into different systems, they can focus on activities that make you money.

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