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Integrate with your BMS to make transitions between personal and commercial lines seamless.

When you integrate your existing Broker Management System (BMS) with Policy Works you have everything you need to succeed in both personal and commercial lines. And your team has the flexibility and tools they need to move between the systems quickly and easily. Some of the things your team will be able to do are:

  • Create activities in your BMS from finalized Policy Works events
  • Synchronize client and prospect details across the systems
  • Synchronize quotation information
  • Synchronize policy and billing information
  • No copy and pasting necessary. Just efficient, professional, unified information across your entire brokerage.


Our two systems are integrated so it automatically sets up activities in while you are working in Policy Works. It is a huge advantage and it certainly helps with the errors and omissions liability because it automatically prompts a reminder in the BMS of any follow up you may have to do in the future.

Jordan_Manzer-new.jpgJordan Manzer, President, Manzer Insurance Services


Integrate with top insurance companies to save time.

Straight-through upload. Portfolio download. Real-time wording inquiry. Our commercial lines data exchange solutions are reducing double and triple entry of data - saving your brokerage time and money.


I can go into Policy Works through TAM on my desktop. When I get into Policy Works and do something, it automatically prompts me to put that activity into TAM. That makes it easy.

Janice.jpgJanice Schoonhoven, Commercial Account Executive and Operations Manager, Will Marshall Insurance Brokers Ltd.