The pros and cons of Policy Works integration partnerships


Whether you’ve been using Policy Works for 5 months or 15 years, you’re using or at least heard about our integration partnerships. Policy Works integrates with the following Broker Management Systems (BMS):

  • Applied Epic
  • Applied TAM and TAM Online
  • Keal Technology SIG (sigXP)
  • Power Broker
  • Deltek ISI+


We began our integration journey over a decade ago with Applied Systems, linking data from TAM into Policy Works reciprocally. We jointly agreed integration benefits all our broker partners. Sharing even basic client data like contact details and policy information saves time and reduces duplication of work. A win-win scenario.

There will always be challenges building an integration platform that serves different software programs designed to do different tasks. Here are some pros and cons we’d like to share about integrating Policy Works with your broker management system.


Link it and leave it.

Most of the work setting up the integration is done upfront. Your Policy Works Site Administrator collaborates with our support team to set up and test your integration. Once links are established and everything is tickety-boo, just let the integration do its thing. If your brokerage has a ‘super-user’ to champion the integration set up, this will go a long way positioning your brokerage for integration success.

You decide what to link.

Your commercial lines department may already have workflows and processes in place that work well, and you don’t want that disturbed. Or, you may have the opposite where your processes and workflows are a gong show and it’s frustrating. That is why your brokerage decides what is and isn’t important to link.

Most of our integrations track Policy Works transactions by adding activities or abeyances directly into your BMS. This is a great feature for Policy Works users because they can link back and forth quickly and easily.

It’s also great for non-Policy Works users too. For example, if a Producer or Office Manager logs into your BMS, they can see what commercial activity is taking place from your BMS, without the need to log in and use a Policy Works license.

Integration is included with your Policy Works purchase.

Learning about which broker management system you have and how you use it is part of our on-boarding process. Once we determine what type of licences you need and the quantity, we include them in the cost of your Policy Works purchase. That’s right—no surprise fees or costs hidden in the fine print. Policy Works does not charge for integration.


It doesn’t link everything.

Policy Works is a commercial management system and a best of breed system. A best of breed system concentrates on developing software for one thing only and for us, that’s commercial lines.

Each broker management system is different. Some are designed to be all-in-one solutions that handle all aspects of the brokerage, from printing labels to eDocs to invoicing. Most are designed to handle personal lines and accounting, so there’s some information we can’t integrate because there’s no equivalent between Policy Works and your BMS.

Unclear user and tech support.

Who ya gonna call?

Policy Works owns, develops and supports all our integration modules, except for Applied Epic. If you’re using Epic integration, Applied Systems is your first choice when it comes to support. We realize integration error messages are tough for most users to decipher—is it coming from Policy Works or elsewhere? Please contact our support team and they’ll help you sort it out.

Fees and license costs.

Some of our integration partners charge a one-time license and set up fee, or charge upfront costs plus monthly fees, it all depends on your BMS contract. As mentioned before, Policy Works does not charge for integration.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of integrating your broker management system with Policy Works, let’s talk.

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