Policy Works keeps your people and your prospects happy.

Increase Profit
Increase Efficiency

Management likes anything that can contribute to increased profits.

CFOs see the value of Policy Works when they see producers signing more business, CSRs providing better, more consistent service and the brokerage’s bottom line growing as the commercial book grows.


Increase Profit


Commercial lines producers are happiest when they’re closing more business.

Policy Works helps good producers become great. Policy Works offers producers the industry's first mobile app designed to generate new commercial lines business at the point of sale. And clean, consistent proposals that make it easy for them to explain the details of the coverages to a prospect.


Increase Efficiency


Make life easier for your commercial lines marketers and CSRs.

Policy Works was created to make the process of doing commercial lines business easier, more accurate and more profitable. Policy Works automates and standardizes the entire commercial lines workflow. Customized templates allow Marketers and CSR’s to know exactly what coverages apply to a given line of business without questions.



Is Policy Works expensive?

No. In fact, the up- front fees have been lowered. We wanted to make sure that price wasn’t a barrier to getting the best commercial lines management system in your brokerage. If you want a more detailed picture of pricing, visit our pricing page.

Why do I need a separate system for commercial lines?

Broker Management Systems (BMS) systems are great for personal lines. In fact, they are designed for personal lines, abeyance and accounting and abeyancing. Policy Works is designed to give your commercial lines team the tools and data they need to grow your commercial lines business.

Would my producers need to use it?

It depends. If your producers are currently required to manage all aspects of their book of business, then yes. And that’s a good thing because Policy Works is designed to track sales opportunities, keep good records and easily produce documents that prospects and customers want…which aren’t always a producer's favourite things to do.