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Not every broker deals in commercial lines, but for the ones that do, having commercial management software in place that can make the job easier, more efficient and more profitable is pretty important.

The Policy Works approach to commercial management software started with Don Campbell in 1978. He saw an opportunity to automate his brokerage’s personal, commercial and farm business. And with word processor in hand, he jumped on it.

In 1992 he tasked his son (now Policy Works CEO) Kevin and John Eastly (now Policy Works President) to use their software development knowledge to create a solution that would link brokers and insurers in order to serve clients more efficiently. This first iteration of the software was aimed at insurers. But after years of approaching the solution from the insurers perspective, it was time to think about brokers.

In 2001, Kevin and John created a version of their software that was specifically geared to what commercial lines brokers needed.

Never losing sight of Don’s original vision, Kevin and John are continually working to change how commercial lines is done. To innovate. To make it better for all involved.

Policy Works has a vision of a connected commercial lines network. A vision where every piece of data in Policy Works will one day be electronically transferred to all commercial insurers. Where real-time rating at the point-of-sale will be done through an iPad in minutes. Where entering data more than once, for broker or underwriter, will not only be unacceptable, but unnecessary. That is the future Policy Works is working toward every day.

"Policy Works is the most functional and complete tool for commercial lines compared to anything else I have seen on the market. It is simple, effective and easy to use. Our staff tell us they prefer using it.”

Gillian Van Kempen, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Best Buy Insurance

A leadership team dedicated to pushing what is possible in commercial lines.

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell, CEO

When Kevin Campbell co-founded Policy Works with his father in 1991, the two had a mission to link brokers and insurers electronically, and a vision to provide brokers with a single tool to manage all of their commercial lines business.

For over two decades, Kevin has provided leadership and guidance to his exceptional team to help make this dream a reality. Kevin believes that it is people, passion, and processes that make Policy Works the leading commercial management system in Canada. He continues to seek out high-performing people to grow the Policy Works team.


John Eastly

John Eastly, President

As president of Policy Works, John is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the business in accordance with the company's current strategy. To this role he brings discipline, patience and a passion for excellence. John has been with Policy Works since the beginning and shared in the creation of our vision to connect brokers and insurers through technology.

Prior to Policy Works, John worked at Hewlett Packard in their Calgary Product Development Centre. It was here that he met CEO Kevin Campbell, and discovered the culture of competitive excellence that you find at Policy Works today. John loves an environment where, "the strengths of the people around me drive me to stretch further and try harder, and where I can see that my own ideas and efforts have inspired them in return."


Steve Pieroway

Steve Pieroway, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

As Vice-President, Marketing and Sales, Steve is responsible for all of the sales and marketing activities at Policy Works.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Calgary's MBA-Thesis program. His thesis, titled An Identification-Based Relationship Marketing Model: Conceptual Development and Empirical Investigation, looks at how companies build relationships with customers. Prior to attending U of C, he graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a B.Comm.


James Nickelo

James Nickelo, Vice-President, Business Development

As Vice-President of Business Development, James is responsible for identifying new business opportunities to support Policy Works’ long-term strategy and vision for commercial-lines insurtech.

A seasoned veteran of the Canadian insurtech industry, James worked more than twenty years with Compu-Quote and then Applied Systems prior to joining Policy Works. James earned a bachelor's degree in Business from St. Francis Xavier University.