Manzer Insurance levels the commercial field with Policy Works

Recent start-up Manzer Insurance Services has thrown its entrepreneurial hat into a highly competitive commercial market ring. Located just outside of Fredericton, NB, Manzer is a small firm that prides itself on business insurance expertise, personalized service and agility.

“I am a specialty commercial insurance broker and there are certain types of businesses we are targeting, such as contractors, farms, manufacturers, commercial and residential realty accounts,” says Jordan Manzer, President and Director of Manzer Insurance Services, which began operations in the spring of 2015.

“We also write personal lines, but our focus is more on commercial lines because that is where our expertise lies. We feel we can give better service and add more value to business clients.”

Location: Hanwell, NB
BMS: TAM (The Agency Manager)
Focus: Specialty commercial
Affiliations: PROLINK
PW client since: April, 2015

A focus on growth

Manzer says he has established stretch growth targets for his brokerage. Already, things are starting to fall into place for the feisty new competitor in New Brunswick’s commercial insurance marketplace.

“Our goal for the first 18 months is to go over the $1 million premium mark – and we are well on our way to achieving that,” he concludes. “Having Policy Works as a partner has been critical in that growth strategy.”

Competing against large brokers

With several years of insurance brokering experience under his belt, Manzer understands first-hand the nature of the commercial lines marketplace. “It is extremely competitive, especially with the amount of broker consolidation in recent years,” he notes. “We are often competing against larger, sometimes multinational insurance brokers.”


Having Policy Works as a partner has been critical to our growth strategy.

Jordan_Manzer-new.jpgJordan Manzer, President

A key weapon in the brokerage’s arsenal is “cutting edge software that allows us to compete with those big firms. Policy Works is a key partner for us,” he observes.

Professional Documentation

A central advantage of Policy Works is the high quality of proposals and submissions, according to Manzer. “It allows us to present professional, detailed proposals not only to insurance companies, but also to our clients,” he comments.

“We have the same type of proposal that a larger broker would have. It offers a truly professional presentation that we feel proud to present to clients.”

In-force service with ease

Remarketing is another aspect of Policy Works that Manzer earmarks as a particular time-saver for the brokerage. “The remarketing function is very important,” Manzer observes. “If we have to take an account to different markets, all of the information is already there, all the pictures are there, the applications are there – it makes it very quick and efficient.”

The same is true for endorsements. “By having a system that can easily upload policy changes and send them off to our insurance carriers, it saves us a lot of time. We can then use that time to generate more sales,” he says.

Submissions preferred by underwriters

Manzer notes that the feedback he receives from insurance companies on the use of standardized submissions is quite positive. “All of the insurance companies we deal with say they prefer dealing with Policy Works,” he says.

“They can see in the submissions that all of the information is in the same place – whether that is applications, pictures, notes or coverages. So it is a very streamlined process for them to issue a quote.”

TAM integration enhances workflow

Manzer Insurance Services also has a broker management system in place, The Agency Manager (TAM). One of the key benefits of TAM is its capability for seamless integration with Policy Works, according to Manzer.


All of the insurance companies we deal with say they prefer dealing with Policy Works.

Jordan_Manzer-new.jpgJordan Manzer, President

“Our two systems are integrated so it automatically sets up activities in while you are working in Policy Works,” he says. ”It is a huge advantage and it certainly helps with the errors and omissions liability because it automatically prompts a reminder in the BMS of any follow up you may have to do in the future.”

The mobile advantage

As the leader of a new brokerage firm, Manzer says he is eager to experiment with any technology features that will boost efficiency and productivity. One such tool is Policy Works’ iPad producer app. An industry first in commercial lines, the mobile app helps brokers gather client and risk information at point of sale.

“You can prepare submissions right from the client’s location; it is all completely mobile,” Manzer notes. “You can operate anywhere as long as you have an iPad and Internet connection."

More than software

Manzer Insurance brought Policy Works on board in April of 2015, taking advantage of Policy Works' online onboarding program. “At the end of the training, you have a very good idea of what the program does and the major functions of it. The Policy Works Client Services team makes sure you are 100% comfortable with the software and what it can do for your commercial-lines book.”

Partnering for future growth

With a fresh start, Manzer says it is this embrace of technology, service and efficiency that will help his brokerage stand out in the marketplace. Policy Works is a critical part of that strategy.

We have the same type of proposal that a larger broker would have. Policy Works offers a truly professional presentation that we feel proud to present to clients.

Jordan_Manzer-new.jpgordan Manzer, President

“The cool thing about Policy Works is that they are always coming up with new additions, new software, and they are there to assist you with it,” he says. “So it is an ongoing process to continually learn about their new offerings and how these can benefit our brokerage.”

“And as we add more employees and possibly more locations, this centralized system will be even more of an advantage going forward. We are very eager to see where we go with Policy Works.”