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Policy Works unveils industry's first Bordereau reporting functionality

Written by Steve Pieroway | Feb 28, 2018 2:46:29 PM

Are you an issuing broker? Are you required to submit a bordereau? If you're a Policy Works customer, creating bordereaux just got a whole lot easier.

How easy? Watch the video.

"I'm really proud to announce the official release of our Bordereau module," states John Eastly, president of Policy Works Inc. "Preparing bordereaux manually is laborious and error-prone, so issuing brokers have been asking for this functionality.  This module reuses the same rich data that prepares the policy documentation, so it eliminates re-entry and errors.  We’ve provided an efficient, reliable tool for getting detailed information about your book of business.”

The first of its kind in Canada, the bordereau reporting functionality allows issuing brokers to create bordereau for both domestic and Lloyd's markets. Building on machinable XML data, and using SQL database technology, the bordereau functionality helps brokers avoid copying-&-pasting by utilizing the rich policy data that already exists in their Policy Works systems.

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