What I've Learned: Janice Castell, 2013 Policy Works Ninja


Janice Castell is a Commercial Account Manager at Orr Insurance Brokers Inc. in Stratford, Ontario. We asked her to share her thoughts about our software and what advice she has for brokers not using Policy Works to its full potential.


How long have you been in the industry and where was your first job in insurance?

I’ve been in insurance for 27 years. I started working with Facility and joined Orr Insurance & Investment in 1993. It’s hard to believe its been 23 years!

When was the first time you saw Policy Works and what were your initial thoughts of the program?

We were looking for a program that would allow us to store commercial data. A Policy Works sales executive came in to present the program and we started asking questions. Policy Works had all the answers. We could store data, create submissions, send summaries of coverages to the client, issue binders and so on. When it was time to remarket an account—all the information was there. A couple of clicks and our submissions were printed. WOW! This is going to save so much time!

Orr Insurance Brokers Inc. has been a Policy Works broker since 2002. That means you’ve seen a lot of changes in our software over the years. Is there an upgrade or improvement in functionality that really sticks out for you?

My favourite feature is the ability to issue certificates of insurance. What a colossal time saver! When I need to issue certificates at renewal, the information is already there and it’s done in a couple of clicks.

One of your co-workers said this about you:

“Janice is proficient in the ways of the Policy Works Ninja and can market a submission with
razor-like precision.”

That’s very kind—I take pride in knowing I am a Policy Works expert.

What role does Policy Works play when it comes to marketing new business and retaining existing business?

I get a lot of submissions moved to the top of the quoting pile because all the information is there and ready for the underwriter. I also get new business quotes quickly because of the way it is presented in Policy Works.

Being able to upload information to the Economical, Travelers and Intact broker portals saves so much time by not having to re-enter all that information. That allows me to be first in with insurance companies to get a quote. Before data exchange came along, it would take over an hour to get portal quotes for three companies. With eMarketing, I can complete three company quotes online in 15 minutes.

Policy Works proposals and renewal summaries always have a professional look, and they’re easy to read. We have won accounts simply by presenting professional looking proposals. In addition, Policy Works allows us to provide our clients excellent, fast service.

If there’s any advice you could give to a brokerage that isn’t using Policy Works to its full potential, what would it be?

Why would you not use Policy Works to its full potential? I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t. Five years ago it might be OK, but commercial clients are demanding more service and professionalism from their brokers. Policy Works lets you do that.

Using Policy Works to its full potential allows us to provide a higher standard to our commercial clients by having:

  • Workflow consistency.
  • The history of the client stored right back to inception of the policy.
  • Information instantly at our fingertips.
  • Professional looking submissions to our underwriters.
  • Professional looking proposals to our prospects and clients.
  • Streamlined quoting for portal type business through data exchange (eMarketing).
  • Integration through our BMS System – Epic.

Our brokerage has gone paperless in commercial lines. Every detail of the client’s business is saved in Policy Works. Producers can pull up accounts quickly and give answers to the insured right away. This morning I did a renewal remarket from start to finish, it only took five minutes!

Is it hard work to get all the information into Policy Works? Yes. But in the long run you are much more efficient and information is just clicks away.


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