What I've Learned: Ashley Breen, 2014 Policy Works Ninja


Ashley Breen is a Commercial Customer Care Specialist at Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance in Kentville, Nova Scotia. We asked her to share her thoughts about being a Policy Works user and the journey to becoming the winner of the 2014 Policy Works Ninja Award.


How long have you been in the industry and where was your first job in insurance?

I’ve been in the insurance industry for a little over 11 years, I started at Western Financial Group in Lloydminster, Alberta.

When was the first time you saw Policy Works and what were your initial thoughts of the program?

I saw Policy Works for the first time around 2-3 years into my insurance career. My initial thought was, “how am I going to give up my paper files?”

What type of training did you receive?

Now you’re testing my memory! After an overview was provided from an Account Manager at Policy Works, we received a manual and a cheat sheet. Then, we gained experience loading actual files and taking part in webinars; that provided a base knowledge of the program. Time spent on the system loading files was the greatest help.

One of your co-workers said this about you:

"Ashley has been key in helping MCT implement Policy Works in all of our offices (12 offices with more than 30 employees). She assisted in streamlining our procedures, training our teams and assisting with loading and maintaining their files; all while keeping a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Ashley is the perfect candidate for your next Policy Works Ninja."

What do you think is critical to a successful implementation of Policy Works at a brokerage?

Teamwork is critical. Everyone needs to play a part for the system to be used to its full potential. Also experience on the floor. I think involving an end user in the process of implementation is most helpful. They can provide valuable feedback on how to incorporate this change to a new system using current workflows and procedures. Having a designated person as a “go-to” for assistance, invest in one or two people to master the system and have them accessible to users with day-to day-inquiries. This reduces system frustration, and improves efficiencies and overall success!

If there’s any advice you could give to a new Policy Works user, what would it be?

Ask questions! The system possibilities are endless and super-efficient in the long run. You need to take the time to load your books but once the initial load is complete and the system is maintained the long term pay off is HUGE! You can flip certificates of insurance in seconds, remarket accounts in minutes and all of your underwriting information is in ONE PLACE!!


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