3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Software


There are a lot of reasons to like springtime. Okay, maybe you don’t like having to constantly wash your car or pick up that thawed dog poop in the backyard. 


But to be honest, there are a lot of fantastic things to look forward to, like: 

  • Packing away the winter coat, toque and snow shovel.
  • No more driving on icy, snow packed roads (a.k.a. car curling).
  • More daylight, which means more sunshine.
After such a long, cold winter, aren’t you feeling energized for some spring cleaning? If you are, why not start with doing a bit of spring cleaning on your computer and upgrade your software to the most recent version.


Here are three excellent reasons why you should upgrade your software regularly:

1. You pay for it.

Almost all software programs (aside from the free ones) have recurring fees. These fees pay for things like product development, user support and technical support.

If you aren’t tech savvy, many vendors offer assistance with upgrading as part of the recurring fee.

In short, you’re paying for a team of experts to help you and make improvements to your software. Every improvement was something improved for the improvers, unless of course, they aren't improving. 

2. Current software means current support.

Online support, webinars and training is always on the most recent version. If you decide to participate in a webinar or invest in onsite training, upgrading to the most recent version is usually part of the process.

3. You get cool new features!

Major upgrades usually feature a plethora of “What’s New” information that focuses on the cool new stuff included in the upgrade. However, riding on the coat tails of that cool new stuff are dozens of bug or defect fixes.

Minor things that you may find totally annoying on an older version may have been fixed in an upgrade and you’ll never know it, until you upgrade that is.

If you work at a large to mid-size brokerage, chances are you have an IT department that does upgrades for you. It doesn’t hurt to contact them to ask about upgrade procedures at your brokerage and find out if you are on the most recent version or not.

Also, you can always check your software vendor’s website or online support site and read their upgrade recommendations.

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