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Posted by Steve Pieroway on January 29, 2019

What is your data strategy? 3 ideas to get started

Your brokerage has a data strategy.

You've either intentionally crafted one that everyone follows. Or, you haven't and everyone does things their own way. Either way, your staff are collecting, saving, entering and using data every day.

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on January 22, 2019

Analytics: Strategy, meet operations

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”—Henry David Thoreau

One of the most challenging tasks for management, in any organization, is creating alignment between strategy and operations. Brokerages are no different. 

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on January 15, 2019

It’s garbage day! Take your bad commercial lines data to the back alley.

In previous blogs, you’ve heard us talk about GIGO, which stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out. Bad data input results in bad data output—plain and simple.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on January 8, 2019

How does a small broker fight a big guy and win?

As a brokerage principal, it’s your worst nightmare. One of the national, multi-million-dollar brokerages has opened an office in your community. You and your family have been serving this community for decades. The idea of going up against a national chain is daunting.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on December 4, 2018

Want to grow your commercial lines book? Stop doing these three things now.

We all know the quote about the definition of insanity. “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” The truth is, we keep doing the same things repeatedly because it’s less complicated than change. It’s also easier to lay blame if someone or something just won’t bend, no matter how hard you try.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 27, 2018

Three tips on building a social media presence at your brokerage

If you’re a small to mid-sized brokerage, you probably don’t have a gargantuan marketing budget, and yet you’re often forced to compete with national, multi-office brokerages that do. We understand that challenge because Policy Works is a small company too. We are continually looking for ways to creatively manage our marketing budget and resources.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 20, 2018

Brokerage succession. The future is closer than you think.

If you’re a baby-boomer like me, you are probably thinking about and preparing for retirement. Even if it’s 10-years away, it will be here in a flash! If you’re the principal at a family-owned brokerage, you have the added task of speculating what the future of the brokerage will look like before you hand it over to the next generation.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 13, 2018

We are Best of Breed (and so can you!)

When you were a kid, did you use up the green crayon first? Then, when you wanted another green crayon, you had to buy a whole box. You needed a green crayon because the grass is green, not beige or pink and beige grass is not very attractive, is it?

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 6, 2018

All in the Family: 4 things to think about before taking over the brokerage

The brokerage has been in your family since 1920. You’re the fourth generation to take the reigns and secretly, you’re terrified. You can’t look anxious in front of your staff and you can’t show fear in front of your spouse and children. You keep repeating the mantra, “this brokerage is not going down.” Well, not on your watch anyway. You hope.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on October 30, 2018

Moving towards a commercial management system? Here’s three things to consider.

If you’ve attended any broker conventions recently, it’s impossible not to notice one thing. More and more startups are coming onto the scene. Once upon a time, all the technology vendors could fit into one aisle. Now there’s:

  • Broker management systems
  • Commercial management systems
  • Digital platforms
  • All-in-one solutions that do it all (whether you need it or not)

and the list goes on.

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