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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 8, 2018

The Modern History of Bordereau (Abridged Version)

When Microsoft®Office was introduced at our brokerage in the 1990s it was a game-changer. We had people come out from HQ to train us; we even held training on weekends to avoid having too many staff away at once.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 1, 2018

Commercial Lines and the Bordereau Assembly Line Method

I’m sure you’ve seen the I Love Lucy skit where Lucy and Ethel are working on an assembly line, wrapping candies at a chocolate factory. The goal is to have every chocolate on the conveyor belt wrapped before moving onto packaging.

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on January 15, 2018

Going digital? Think back-office, too.

Digital back-office: Crystal from Policy Works shows how you can create 3 RFQ's in about 30 seconds using standardized, machinable data.


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Posted by Steve Pieroway on January 4, 2018

Commercial insurance: Search, experience or credence?

Pop-quiz: can you tell if your lawyer or doctor is doing their job as effectively as possible? Even after you hear them explain their opinion on something, are you left wondering if it's the right call?

I often am. In fact, I have the feeling of, "I want to trust you, to believe you, but I just can't tell if what you're saying to me makes sense." The problem? I don't have the knowledge or experience to evaluate the service, whether it's a legal opinion or medical advice. 

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on December 21, 2017

What stories do your submissions tell?

Every submission tells a story. From small floral shops to large manufacturers, the submissions your brokers create tell the stories that end up becoming policies.

Ask yourself: what story do your submissions tell? Are they vivid, detailed, and well-structured narratives that are easily understood. Or are they more like haikus: slightly mysterious and cryptic verses that leave the reader scratching their head?

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on December 14, 2017

4 Reasons Why Your Lloyd’s Auditor is Anxious About You Too

I recently posted a blog titled, “How to Manage Lloyd’s Audit Anxiety.” In it, I talk about four things coverholders fret over during their audit. Now, let’s turn the tables and find out what can make a Lloyd’s auditor anxious.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on December 12, 2017

What type of training participant are you?

Software training is a critical piece of the new software implementation process. You would think that, as adults, training participants show up and fight for the seats at the front of the class, right? Maybe not. Training participants can usually be categorized into one of three profiles: the prisoner, the tourist and the explorer.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on December 7, 2017

Lloyd's Canada Coverholders, which audit ghosts haunt you?

If you haven’t read the book, you’ve probably seen the film. A Christmas Carol is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a grouchy, old miser whose dreams are haunted by three different ghosts in and around the Christmas season.

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Posted by Crystal O'Hara on December 5, 2017

Is your personal lines book on its deathbed?

Automation and the availability of obtaining quotes online in real-time has dramatically effected the way personal lines is sold in Canada.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 30, 2017

Lloyd's Canada Coverholders and the "YOA Shell Game"

As a Lloyd’s Canada coverholder, you know Year of Account (YOA) forms part of your reporting criteria. While YOA is easily managed in year one of low-volume binding authority agreements, there are plenty of events that occur over the lifespan of multiple renewing contracts that make tracking YOA more difficult.

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