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Posted by Steve Pieroway on October 9, 2018

Distributor or supplier?

For years we've been working with commercially-focused brokers across Canada. And it always surprises me when I see brokers sending insurer-branded quotes directly to their prospects and customers. No brokerage branding. No personalization. Just the insurer-branded PDF.

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on July 26, 2018

Like APIs? If you're a commercial broker start thinking data.

Earlier this month, CSIO announced an initiative to create a working group to advance the implementation of data standards in commercial lines (here's the press release). Why is this important?

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on July 17, 2018

Three Unexpected Costs of a Poor Broker Experience

The most lucrative brokerages in Canada are the ones that tend to have the best broker experience. If you’re not exactly sure what “the broker experience” encompasses it is,

“the experience, or sum of all experiences, that any one of your brokers has while working at your brokerage. It includes the role and responsibilities, the physical space, the tools, the processes, the relationships with other staff and with customers.”

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on July 12, 2018

We may not be 'insurtech.' And that's fine with us.


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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on July 3, 2018

Three ways to conquer the fear of change at your brokerage

Change. That scary skeleton that dances its way out of the closet every few years. It’s the skeleton your staff fear the most. Why is everyone so afraid?

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on June 26, 2018

What’s the difference between an Agent and a Broker? Allow me to explain…

Insurance advertisements seem to be everywhere these days. Television, radio, Internet banner ads, billboards and magazines, you name it—it’s covered (pun intended). Read More

Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 17, 2018

Three ways to increase productivity and build morale at your brokerage

If you’re a brokerage principal or a commercial lines manager, you know that changing processes to improve productivity can lead to reduced morale. It’s a double-edged sword that we see repeatedly; improved workflows and processes means change management, and it’s often not easy.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 10, 2018

Are inefficient processes the heart of poor customer experience?

We’ve all been one—a casualty of poor customer experience.

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Posted by Steve Pieroway on May 3, 2018

What is trust?

In a previous blog, I discussed the nature of insurance in terms of how well consumers are able to evaluate the service provided by brokers.

Insurance, especially the more complex commercial environment, is not easy to evaluate. Unless a business owner has a background in commercial insurance, they have no way of telling how well their broker is doing their job. They have to go on good faith, or trust.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on April 26, 2018

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Software

There are a lot of reasons to like springtime. Okay, maybe you don’t like having to constantly wash your car or pick up that thawed dog poop in the backyard. 

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