Five Ways to Make a Remarkable Proposal


Not only is February Heart Awareness Month in Canada, it is also the month the most proposals take place. Marriage proposals that is, with St. Valentine fronting the romance on February 14.Proposal.jpg

The truth is, getting that prospect to say, "I do" is a lot like a courtship. You meet for coffee and then if things go well, it's onto dinner and a few more dinners that evolve to meeting the family and taking the relationship to the next level.

Yes, love is in the air this month so here are a few tips on how to make a proposal your prospect will love.

1. Create lots of Themes

So, what is a theme? A theme is 1) a unique set of branding elements that helps distinguish your business from other brokerages, and 2) helps a prospect identify with your proposal. Typically, a theme incorporates your company logo and corporate colors. You can also add the prospect's logo, too.

What programs or lines of business do you have that could benefit from a theme? For example, does your brokerage have a specialty, like a dry cleaner program? Themes are an excellent way to customize an exclusive program at your brokerage like hospitality, contractors, or small business program. Once a theme is created, you can use it repeatedly on similar business opportunities.

When it comes to creating themes, contracting the services of a graphic designer is recommended and worth the investment. A graphic designer has the skills and experience to put together themes that you'll be proud to show any client or prospect. When you're dating, you want to make a good impression and it's OK to show-off on occasion.

2. Create Custom Title Pages

Continuing on the 'Themes' theme, standard themes are an excellent start but if you want to take it up a notch create custom title pages.

Custom title pages should include not only your logo and the prospect's logo, but design elements that tie into the business being discussed. You can include a picture of the prospect's business, the prospect's name, title, and the date of the proposal.

3. Boast a little

In every good relationship, you want the other person to know you're looking out for them. You may want to tell them about your excellent claims service or introduce your commercial lines team. Save this information in PDF format and attach it to each and every proposal.

4. Show your commitment

Don't let your existing customers say, "you don't bring me flowers anymore." Proposals aren't just about new business. If you want to keep an existing customer, remind them you have history together.

Create a spreadsheet of a year-to-year premium summary and attach it to your proposal. Show them they're getting outstanding value from your brokerage and the new guy across the street, who has been sniffing around, is nothing but hype.

5. Accessorize: Invest in a colour printer

It's perfectly fine to send an email to the client or prospect with your proposal as a PDF attachment, but what if you're meeting in person? You will most definitely wear the appropriate attire for the occasion; shouldn't the same consideration be given to your proposal? Accessorize!

A proposal printed in colour and on glossy paper will stand out and a properly placed accessory puts sizzle in your steak. I mean, we could all use a bit more sizzle, right? The insurance cupid has his bow and arrow at the ready. You've been given tips on how to make the best possible insurance valentines card, the proposal, now let's see how many you will send and how many you will receive.

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