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When Kevin Campbell co-founded Policy Works with his father in 1991, the two had a mission to link brokers and insurers electronically, and a vision to provide brokers with a single tool to manage all of their commercial lines business. For over two decades, Kevin has provided leadership and guidance to his exceptional team to help make this dream a reality. Kevin believes that it is people, passion, and processes that make Policy Works the leading commercial management system in Canada. He continues to seek out high-performing people to grow the Policy Works team. When he is not busy creating Canada’s commercial-lines network, Kevin can be found zipping down hills on his mountain bike or walking his dogs.

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Posted by Kevin Campbell, CEO on April 11, 2019

Why I’m Stoked About the CSIO Minimum Data Set for Commercial Lines

The date was February 28, 2003 and I was presenting at one of the early Insurance Canada conferences put on by Doug Grant and Patrick Vice. One of the themes of the conference was "Frictionless Distribution" and I was there to evangelize on the value of XML standards.

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Posted by Kevin Campbell, CEO on April 18, 2016

Being Digital in Commercial Lines

What Does 'Being Digital' Mean and How Do We Get There?

When I see “Being Digital” and “Commercial Lines” in the same sentence, I chuckle. It’s hard to imagine two universes further apart: one moving at light speed; the other seemingly stuck in a black hole. At the same time, I also feel invigorated because I see a world of opportunity.

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