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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 21, 2019

Three ways analytics can transform your brokerage

When it comes to generating analytic insights, data feeds the beast. You cannot have analytics without data. Commercial insurance brokers collect huge amounts of data and many of them have been doing it for years, maybe even decades.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 7, 2019

Analytics or instinct. What do you use to make decisions about your commercial book?

Having instincts is part of being human. Instinct is what keeps this generation and kept previous generations alive. Knowing when to put out the fire, run from the saber-tooth tiger and retreat from the battlefield, are decisions made on instinct. Instincts or gut feelings aren’t things you're born with, they’re learned.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 5, 2019

Is your commercial lines data garbage or gold?

It takes a lot of effort to identify and prepare the right data to get desired results. That’s why obtaining clean, rich data is an ongoing challenge for many commercial brokerages. Brokerage principals, producers and commercial lines managers need to know that to get the insights analytics can produce, they must have the best data possible to do it.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on February 19, 2019

How will analytics influence the future of your commercial book?

Analytics is the new black. It’s the hot trend that forward-looking brokers have been talking about at industry events, on social media sites and in podcasts all over Canada.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on February 12, 2019

Three ways prospecting commercial lines business is like dating

Most of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for dating. That time your Dad plucked up the courage to give your Mom a call and ask her out and she agreed to go. Lots of things may have happened before and after they agreed to go out with each other, but the endgame was successful because here you are.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on February 5, 2019

Three ways to start a grassroots analytics movement at your brokerage

One of the reasons grassroots movements are popular is because it drives change from the bottom up. It starts small, like a meeting of like-minded individuals at a community hall and builds momentum that can change laws and peoples’ perception of things.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on January 15, 2019

It’s garbage day! Take your bad commercial lines data to the back alley.

In previous blogs, you’ve heard us talk about GIGO, which stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out. Bad data input results in bad data output—plain and simple.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on January 8, 2019

How does a small broker fight a big guy and win?

As a brokerage principal, it’s your worst nightmare. One of the national, multi-million-dollar brokerages has opened an office in your community. You and your family have been serving this community for decades. The idea of going up against a national chain is daunting.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on December 4, 2018

Want to grow your commercial lines book? Stop doing these three things now.

We all know the quote about the definition of insanity. “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” The truth is, we keep doing the same things repeatedly because it’s less complicated than change. It’s also easier to lay blame if someone or something just won’t bend, no matter how hard you try.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on November 27, 2018

Three tips on building a social media presence at your brokerage

If you’re a small to mid-sized brokerage, you probably don’t have a gargantuan marketing budget, and yet you’re often forced to compete with national, multi-office brokerages that do. We understand that challenge because Policy Works is a small company too. We are continually looking for ways to creatively manage our marketing budget and resources.

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