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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on July 17, 2018

Three Unexpected Costs of a Poor Broker Experience

The most lucrative brokerages in Canada are the ones that tend to have the best broker experience. If you’re not exactly sure what “the broker experience” encompasses it is,

“the experience, or sum of all experiences, that any one of your brokers has while working at your brokerage. It includes the role and responsibilities, the physical space, the tools, the processes, the relationships with other staff and with customers.”

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on July 3, 2018

Three ways to conquer the fear of change at your brokerage

Change. That scary skeleton that dances its way out of the closet every few years. It’s the skeleton your staff fear the most. Why is everyone so afraid?

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on June 26, 2018

What’s the difference between an Agent and a Broker? Allow me to explain…

Insurance advertisements seem to be everywhere these days. Television, radio, Internet banner ads, billboards and magazines, you name it—it’s covered (pun intended). Read More

Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 17, 2018

Three ways to increase productivity and build morale at your brokerage

If you’re a brokerage principal or a commercial lines manager, you know that changing processes to improve productivity can lead to reduced morale. It’s a double-edged sword that we see repeatedly; improved workflows and processes means change management, and it’s often not easy.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on May 10, 2018

Are inefficient processes the heart of poor customer experience?

We’ve all been one—a casualty of poor customer experience.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on April 26, 2018

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Software

There are a lot of reasons to like springtime. Okay, maybe you don’t like having to constantly wash your car or pick up that thawed dog poop in the backyard. 

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on April 12, 2018

Following Through on Your Commercial Lines New Year’s Resolutions

It’s already the end of the first quarter of 2018, let’s take a moment to reflect on our insurance New Year’s Resolutions.

What? You don’t have any? No problem! Here’s a few you’ve probably considered, so here it goes... 

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 22, 2018

Does “Oscar the Grouch” Love Your Bordereau Data?

If you've watched Sesame Street, you’ve seen Oscar the Grouch. He's the puppet covered in mangy green fur that lives in a garbage can. He loves garbage and proudly keeps an assortment of useless junk in his garbage can.

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 15, 2018

Does getting “the pen” come with a knife in the back?

One of the most famous back-stabbing deaths in history occurred on March 15, 44 BC when Caesar was stabbed 23 times at the Senate. Trusted friend and compatriot Brutus, (Et tu, Brute?) delivered the fatal blow. Beware the Ides of March!

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Posted by Kathleen Kotchon on March 8, 2018

The Modern History of Bordereau (Abridged Version)

When Microsoft®Office was introduced at our brokerage in the 1990s it was a game-changer. We had people come out from HQ to train us; we even held training on weekends to avoid having too many staff away at once.

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