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Three tips on communicating hard market conditions to clients and prospects

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O Canada!

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Everyone’s a data entry person. Right?

Understanding the different kinds of analytics and how they affect your brokerage

Three ways analytics can transform your brokerage

What Questions Are You Asking of Your Analytics?

Analytics or instinct. What do you use to make decisions about your commercial book?

Why I’m Stoked About the CSIO Minimum Data Set for Commercial Lines

How we fell to the level of our system (and recovered)

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Why analytics matter to me (and should matter to you too).

How will analytics influence the future of your commercial book?

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What is your data strategy? 3 ideas to get started

Analytics: Strategy, meet operations

It’s garbage day! Take your bad commercial lines data to the back alley.

How does a small broker fight a big guy and win?

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Three tips on building a social media presence at your brokerage

Brokerage succession. The future is closer than you think.

We are Best of Breed (and so can you!)

All in the Family: 4 things to think about before taking over the brokerage

Moving towards a commercial management system? Here’s three things to consider.

Do broker portals belong on the 7½ floor?

7 take-aways from the Insurance Analytics Conference

Distributor or supplier?

Like APIs? If you're a commercial broker start thinking data.

Three Unexpected Costs of a Poor Broker Experience

We may not be 'insurtech.' And that's fine with us.

Three ways to conquer the fear of change at your brokerage

What’s the difference between an Agent and a Broker? Allow me to explain…

Three ways to increase productivity and build morale at your brokerage

Are inefficient processes the heart of poor customer experience?

What is trust?

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Software

Should Independent Insurance Brokers have a Record Store Day?

Following Through on Your Commercial Lines New Year’s Resolutions

Three tips on growing your commercial lines book

Being busy is not being valuable: 2 keys to increasing staff value in commercial lines

Does “Oscar the Grouch” Love Your Bordereau Data?

Does getting “the pen” come with a knife in the back?

The Modern History of Bordereau (Abridged Version)

Commercial Lines and the Bordereau Assembly Line Method

Going digital? Think back-office, too.

Commercial insurance: Search, experience or credence?

What stories do your submissions tell?

4 Reasons Why Your Lloyd’s Auditor is Anxious About You Too

What type of training participant are you?

Lloyd's Canada Coverholders, which audit ghosts haunt you?

Is your personal lines book on its deathbed?

Lloyd's Canada Coverholders and the "YOA Shell Game"

Are you on the copy and paste merry-go-round?

Lloyd's Canada: growth, efficiency and the future of your book

Codify your commercial lines knowledge with this one vital thing

This 1 thing keeps Lloyd’s coverholders from maximizing profit

Hockey sticks, AEGIS London and Lloyd’s Canada Workflow

What makes digital possible in commercial-lines? Machinable data.

5 Tips for Using the Lloyd’s Lineage Portal More Efficiently

3 costs of using static data in commercial-lines

Lloyd’s Jargon: Do you really know what you’re talking about?

3 ideas to start thinking digital in commercial lines

How to Manage Lloyd’s Audit Anxiety

What about the Broker Experience?

What is a Best of Breed System?

Cat videos are good for you. Your network? Not so much.

Staying Ahead of the Curve—the Challenges of Teaching Adults

Seven Tips to a Better Implementation

Are your requests for change dying on the vine? Here’s why.

Twelve principles to help grow your commercial lines

How assembling a barbeque is like purchasing software (with less drama)

Five Things Spock Taught Me About Commercial Lines

To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question.

Three Ways to Move Out of the CSR Slump

The Challenges of Change

The New Over-Under

The “Let’s Make a Deal” Workflow

Here Come the Millennials

What I’ve Learned: Cari Gustavsen, 2010 Policy Works Ninja

What I've Learned: Janice Castell, 2013 Policy Works Ninja

What I've Learned: Ashley Breen, 2014 Policy Works Ninja

3 reasons to start loving data entry (or at least not hate it)

Fenn & Fenn Insurance and Policy Works: Month 1

3 things to improve your proposal (and help close more sales)

Workplace inefficiencies - Are you the river or highway?

Fenn & Fenn Insurance & Policy Works: The Decision

Being Digital in Commercial Lines

Three reasons why it's better to be David than Goliath

Five words to never use in your proposal

Your call is important to us: 3 keys to great customer service

The talent gap: 3 ideas to help your underwriters help you

Beating the chameleon curse: 3 steps to creating more consistent documents

Every proposal tells a story, too

Switching BMS systems? Keep these 3 points in mind

Are new commercial staff not 'getting it'? These 4 steps will help.

The E&O scare: Three ways to reduce exposure at your brokerage

Creating commercial lines success: Is there a better way?

Are you an office hero?

Commercial staff turnover: 3 ideas to help reduce chaos when someone leaves

What Epictetus Taught Me About Vision

Better prospects? Reverse engineer your best sales.

More than software: 5 things that set us apart

What I've Learned: Robert Kimball

Find the right fit

Death By a Thousand [Paper] Cuts

The Customer Satisfaction Trap

An interview with Policy Works' new president, John Eastly

What I've Learned: Tom Hickey

What I've Learned - John Eastly

New Software? Find a Champion

What I've Learned - Kevin Campbell

The 3 Things We Learned About Changing Our Own Workflows

Win your marketers' love

Standardize, Economize and Revitalize - The Trifecta of Templates

Five Ways to Make a Remarkable Proposal

The One Word Description (or How-to Drive Your Underwriter Crazy)

Use pictures to create submissions that underwriters love