More than software: 5 things that set us apart



When we are selling to prospective customers, the conversation is typically focused at the software-level: the features and benefits of our product and how we help solve whatever challenges are being faced in commercial lines. And rightfully so, because to be of value, our software needs to perform.

But what a customer gets when they purchase Policy Works is much more than the 'features and benefits.' We often get asked, 'Why Policy Works? What sets you apart?' Five things.

#1. Focus on commercial lines. Every ounce of every resource at Policy Works is focused on solutions for commercial lines. Period. We've been asked by our customers to build personal-lines functionality into our product, but we don't. Sure, it's tempting. But it's really a distraction. We focus on what we do best, on what we know. And then try to do it better.

#2. Focus on Canada. Every ounce of every resource that's focused on commercial-lines is focused on commercial-lines in Canada. Period. We're not trying to conquer the world. The Canadian broker distribution channel has its own unique challenges and nuances. If we tried to serve other countries, we'd lose our focus on what matters to brokers in Canada.

#3. Best of breed.  We develop software focused solely on commercial-lines. We let BMS vendors make great BMS software for personal lines, or CRMs make great sales applications. Then we integrate with them so that brokers get more value out of both systems.

We're not interested in creating one agency system that claims to do everything. Why? Because trying to be all things means you're master of none. This inevitably leads to mediocrity. We're focused on creating an interconnected network of 'best of breed' software for brokers. 

#4. World-class service. Brokers purchase and use our software, but they rely on our service. The moment a broker decides to put their trust in us and go with our software is the moment our Client Services team steps in. I'd put the service we provide at the top in Canada, and even around the world. Why? Our people. I know that's thrown around a lot, but our team rocks. They genuinely care about the well-being of our customers. And it shows.

Don't take my word for it. If you're not a Policy Works customer, try this: find one of our customers and ask what it's like to work with anyone on our support team.

#5. Our vision. Connectivity. Mobility. Brokers. Insurers. Commercial-lines. Put those together in one coherent thought, and it represents our vision: To create Canada's commercial-lines network so that all stakeholders see value. It's really a shared values approach: help each partner in the independent distribution channel create more value, and we all win. 

At the end of the day the decision to use our software will ultimately come down to how well our software does what you need it to do. Just know that when you purchase Policy Works, you're investing in the five points above. That's really what goes into our software.